Thirsty for new ideas? You will find it here.
CoCo Communications is a richly flavored cup of creativity specially brewed for your business.

The recipe for this company started long ago with a little girl who loved a hot cup of cocoa on a frigid winter day in Cleveland, Ohio. Just as triumphs in the kitchen call for dedication and practice, lots of hard work prepared me to provide you with the perfect plate of production skills to promote your business.

The ingredients to my success included stops at NBC and ABC stations as a videographer, editor, producer, writer, reporter, anchor and even weather forecaster.  Sprinkle in some time in the Windy City to write for the CBS station and to wake up Chicago with morning drive radio news.

Relocating to the piping hot Valley of the Sun allowed me to whip up additional experience as host, writer and producer for Shop A to Z TV (Arizona’s version of QVC). Throw in a side of producing web videos for an online magazine and put the finishing touches on this media extraordinaire’s secret cookbook, overflowing with concepts that will give you tasteful results. CoCo Communications is well equipped with tools of the trade to target your audience with affordable and effective marketing videos!
Who doesn’t love whipped cream? You’ll get that and a delicious cookie with the CoCo combo deal. You won’t find hidden fees in this mug that includes script writing and voice-over narration. Need a spokesperson for your video? No worries. We got you covered in that department as well.  Why break the bank on a giant overpriced double caramel cinnamon decaf mocha latte cappuccino? Sound crazy? It is!

CoCo Communications will carefully navigate you to the front of the line and give you the best bang for your buck! Never forget the cherry! That tasty treat is the attention to detail that you will not find anywhere else. No misspelled words or grammatical errors for your marketing campaign!

If you’re parched and tired of the same old cup o’ Joe you’ve come to the right place. Try a cup of CoCo
to quench your thirst for unique brand recognition and you’ll be savoring a whole lot of success!